Ready to Reclaim Your Year and set goals with God you actually want to get done?

Welcome to Reclaim Your Year and the very first module.

Fair warning: You'll be tempted to roll your eyes. You'll find yourself resisting or wanting to do it in your head. It will probably feel like a process you've done before.

But I believe you're here for a reason. Something niggled at you to signup, so trust your instincts and go with the process. Keep an open mind and wait for the magic.

Okay? Great! Here's today's task:

Grab your favourite writing implement. (Pen and paper or digital. How you play with this task is less important than finding the tool that will ensure you actually do it)

With tool in hand, think about your perfect ordinary day.

Imagine I have a magic wand that will allow you to create your perfect ordinary day. It’s magic because the usual limits of time and space don’t apply. If you want to wake up in your house and breakfast on the beach, it doesn’t matter that your house is hundreds of miles away from the sea.

If you want to go for a run before taking the children to school, thanks to my magic wand it doesn’t matter if your middle child needs you at home in order to wake her gently at least three times between seven and eight am.

The usual rules don’t apply. You’re free to have fun with this.

So imagine you had to live the same day over and over again, much like Groundhog Day but without the cynicism and frustration. When would you wake up? Where would you wake up? Who would you wake up with? *Insert eyebrow wiggle* What would breakfast look like? What work would you do and where would you do it?

For this exercise I want you to describe your perfect ordinary day in as much detail as possible. Get really specific. Think about how the different parts of the day make you feel, why you take pleasure in them, what makes them a part of your day.

And remember, you don’t have to justify any of your choices.

There are no judgements. Nothing is off-limits, too selfish or totally ridiculous. If something is important to you and would make your day delightful, write it down.

Keep going with this until you have a blow by blow account of your perfect ordinary day. (And then make sure you put it somewhere safe. You're going to need it as we move forward.)

And with that, you're done for today! Come back tomorrow for module 2!

Thank you again for joining me on this wild ride, I'm excited to see where Reclaim Your Year takes you!

P.S. Need a little extra help? Watch the video!